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At Litecash Fund we provide a platform where Litecash developers and content creators, along with others, can share their completed work, work in progress, and ideas. Giving the Litecash community the opportunity to contribute in appreciation of their efforts thus, keeping with the community funded model that has defined Litecash since it’s genesis.

We designed Litecash Fund to allow any level of recognition or anonymity desired, while still allowing both, the Campaign Owner (you) and the Project Benefactor (he) to deal in both fiat and crypto (including Litecash). Also you prefer you can also add your (never expires) address to your campaign description, as I did mine in the “short description” although you may never know who sent it, why he sent it or when you fail to open your wallet in over twelve hours, you might miss the contribution altogether. Another option would be, you can add a Litecash address that you hold at an exchange, that way you would (at least) not miss the incoming transaction.

Please feel free to add ass many of your own campaigns as you need, one campaign for every project, or one grouped campaign for every category can also work, you can also edit your campaigns as many times as needed until you get the wording just right.

oh! BTW, we also sponsored the woo-commerce plugin that facilitates Litecash payments through this website, and it can be used on any site that is woo-commerce enabled. Just visit Coin Market Stats for more info:)

Thank you for visiting Litecash Fund and if this project is of use to you please consider contributing, either to my Litecash address (directly) or through any of the payment systems in the checkout area.

– Joaquín Murrieta Social Media Manager of the Cripto Nemesis team

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  • April 9, 2021

    About 90% complete. but functional nonetheless

    The feature integration of this website Is at about 90% complete. developers, and content creators for Litecash, and other worthy projects. Can signup and add their projects to the Litecash Fund. As of now all funds are sent to a general wallet and are dispersed by admin. Project beneficiaries also have the option of adding their own payment address in their project\'s \"Short Description\" field. We are working on bringing a more decentralized solution, that will allow project beneficiaries to add their own payment addresses in to the native payment system. Thank you all for your support :)

  • December 14, 2021

    Website functionality is now nearing 100%

    Project developers, and content creators for Litecash Can now register their own project page and add their own payment addresses in to the native payment system. This means that The site administrator is no longer responsible for holding funds, and each developer, content creator and project administrator can have a separate site to add individual involvement on separate projects.


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