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Welcome to Litecash Fund

This site is for developers, content creators, and contributors that would like to receive Litecash, other cryptocurrencies, or fiat, in exchange for their work on Litecash projects. Funding from the community is based on merit, please do your research before funding!


Innovation through Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding fosters innovation by offering new sources of capital to innovation-driven groups and individuals and thereby reduce the funding gap for innovative developers.

Drive Innovation

new sources of capital reduce the funding gap for innovative developers and teams

Community Effort

communities support crowdfunding efforts by providing mentorship and feedback.

Fund your Project

crowdfunding can be a fast way to finance your project with no upfront fees

Cash is King

the technology behind Litecash and our community driven model make it so, CASH IS KING

How does Litecash Fund work?

A convenient crowdfunding user experience for everyone

Campaign Owner

    1. Sign up & Register your Project
    2. Define Target Goals and Timeline
    3. Wait for Admin Approval
    4. Get Approved
    5. Earn tips from interest in your projects
    6. Check Status from the Dashboard
    7. Request for Fund Withdrawal
    8. Withdraw Fund

Project Benefactor

    1. Select Desired Campaign
    2. Choose Rewards
    3. Pick A Payment Method
    4. Donate Anonymously or Visibly
    5. Place Order or Donate
    6. Track Campaign Status
    7. Receive Final Product (Optional)

Website Admin

    1. Configure Payment Gateways
    2. Receive Campaign Requests
    3. Review and Approve Requests
    4. Introductory Commission fee 0.0%
    5. Receive Pledges/Donations/Contributions
    6. Process Withdrawal Requests
    7. Check Status of Each Campaign
    8. Distribute Funds - (transaction fee)
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Juaquín Murrieta
Roberto Navarro

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